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Intentionally Confident

Intentionally Confident

INTENTIONALLY CONFIDENT So I went out the other night, YES I said by MYSELF! I know, I know, most people NEED to have company to do things and go out, and yeah that is the case most of the time for me, (but to go to the movies or to a show, where you have to pay attention), it's no biggy for me, I actually like it better that way so that I can enjoy the show, but for things like going out to dinner, I wouldn't be able to do that, (not there yet) hahaha. But I think that it is important for us to take care of ourselves, so that we could be the best person that we can be for the people that we love. I think that it is important for us to be able to divide our time: meaning, make time for ourselves, spouses/significant other, children, friends, and there are many ways of making that happen, here are a few little tips that I would like to share with you First things first

BE INTENTIONAL We have to be intentional in the way that we do things. Make a plan to do things, maybe start off with a list of things that you want to do, places you would like to go. What I did was look at my calendar, and started off with writing down days that are important to me (the kids birthdays, other family birthdays, events that I want to go to (even if it is months away), this is where the planning and organizing comes in. This will allow you to get a vision of the things you are wanting to, and you can start making plans on how you're going to go to these places or do these activities. It's important for you to have a list of your ideas. This way you can SEE exactly what you want, this will make it ALOT easier to see HOW you are going to follow through with the things that you have done. Take a look at your list, really evaluate it, circle the things that you REALLY want to do, and CAN DO, and GET TO PLANNING.

PLAN Now that you have your list of things that you would like to do and places that you would like to go, you can start PLANNING. Take a look at your list, can some things be flexible in time? Like for example I would like to take the kids to the zoo, (so that is on my list), so I researched the prices, and looked to see how much it would be for a family of 4, and upon researching I remembered that in October the kids are free at the San Diego Zoo, so now I only have to purchase one ticket, and I put on my calendar the zoo for the month of October. Another thing, is that my youngest wants to go skating (she's been asking me for a while now), since it is something that she seems to be passionate about, I have it on my list, and I put it down on my calendar for her birthday, (so I researched how much it would be to have her birthday party there), and now I have to plan on saving, so that we can have her birthday party at the skating rink. Don't forget to make sure that you are imputing time for yourself, the kids, your friends, etc. Not everything has to be expensive or pricey, do your research and I promise you, you will find things to do. Take a look at sites like "Eventbrite", type in your city and see what happens, I have found a few events that I would like to go to on "Eventbrite" (they have many events that you could do with your family for free or of low cost). Doing something as small as planning to have coffee with a friend, going to have lunch (many places have something called "Taco Tuesday", and they are usually dollar tacos that day)

What I am trying to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that comes in a variety of ways. Let me tell you a few things that I have been doing, (it's taken a lot of planning on my end), I am trying to make time to do something for myself, with the kids, and have a "chill" weekend. I have talked to them about this, and since I have been planning and researching, I have been able to find events near me. So, I went to my first event for myself for the month (BARACHA dancing) And it was only $5.00, and very local, it was during the week (on a Thursday night), I tried to talk myself out of it a few times, but "what the hey", my friend had been telling me about it for a while, and instead of thinking too much into it, I made the choice and went. Thank you "A.G.", it was so much fun that I am planning to go back again. Another thing that I am doing, is turning off the television during the week. We have been doing that for a couple of months now, and although it was very difficult in the beginning, it is like second nature now. So I came up with an idea that each day (after homework, dinner, bathing) is all done, someone is going to be in charge of a "family game", so between the 3 kids, and my sister everyday someone comes up with a game that we are going to play as a family (for 45 min), so far we have done just dance, truth or dare (you could look up kid questions and dares on- line), UNO, and heads up (you can get the app on your cell phone)

DO IT! The main thing that you should do is FOLLOW THOROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH!! Give yourself a chance to follow through. I know if can be very difficult to do, but at least try it. You will never know unless you DO IT!! So lets have a recap: What are some steps that we can take in order to make sure that we are making choices to start the foundation of taking care of ourselves: BE INTENTIONAL PLAN DO IT You can do it! I believe in you, start small (hey while I am here trying to encourage you, these are the things that I am telling myself, and doing myself). So are you going to step up and give yourself a chance? YOU GOTS THIS!!


Keisha Montfleury Confidence Coach for Girls Speaker, Author, Youth Mentor, Certified Teen Life Coach Here to assist in the healthy development of our young girls” Keisha M.

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