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10 Tips to Planning A Successful 2021

We all are ready to get rid of 2020. So the best way to get through the last few days of 2020 is to prepare for 2021 and I made a list so let’s get started.

1. Brain dump

Brain dump everything that happened in 2020. As we age we understand that our memories aren’t as accurate as we like to think. Believe it or not your memory stores bias. That’s why journaling, note taking and brain dumps are essential to accurate recording. In order to plan for the future, We must evaluate the past. Brain dump everything that you recall from 2020 to include Events, sickness, new discoveries, opportunities, loss, finances, gains, new and old relationships, feelings, and progress/regression.

2. Make a Pros/Cons List

We like to manifest abundance mentally yet our actions aren’t always in alignment with our goals. That’s why we need to write it all down‘! Create a needs list to include basic needs: food, shelter, water, clothing. Now elaborate upon those more: work, relationships, finances, support system, disaster preparedness, etc.

Now create your wants list. Let’s be real, our wants list is not always congruent with our needs, yet we still want for things. So let’s account for what we really want! What are your wants? 10,000/month, new car, financial freedom, happiness, vacation, COVID-19 to end? Etc.

3. Create A Timeline

We hear jokes about biological clocks ticking yet we all have interns clocks. Especially when it comes to jobs in relationships. We all have expectations of ourselves and those expectations come with time frames. Tap into your internal clock and create a timeline for when you want to accomplish each item on your wants list.

  • New car- 6 months

  • Buy house-1 year

  • New business-1 year

  • Vacation- when Covid-19 is over

  • Etc

4. Create Action Steps

OK. So now we know what you want. How are you going to get what you want?


Take action


Create action steps for your wants and needs. Title wants/needs together that are congruent. For each action step, there will be different achievement paths and timeframes. As you are constructing the timeline, be realistic. Accuracy and consistency leads to achievement. If you aren’t realistic, your outcomes will reflect such.

What can you start now?

What do you need help with?

What kind of help do you need?


-expert advice


-social supports

5. Seek Help

So we all know that we can’t climb the ladder of success alone. Many of you try and try again leading you to the same result equal failure. Failure is not an option then you must accept help. Determine what kind of help you need to accomplish your goals: coach, therapist, financial advisor

6. Create A Budget

We all need to create a budget no matter what we’re working towards. In this case, create a budget based on your current income. Be sure to include all of your responsibilities and the costs of the help you are seeking (external resources).

7. Create A Support System

So we’ve identified what you want, What do you need, and who can help you get it. Of the list of helpers or any of them already available to you? Are they part of your current support system? Do you have people at work, at church, and your kids Network, and support groups, or other areas of life that can help you? Don’t forget, you will need babysitting, car maintenance, budgeting and other services to get to where you were going. Build a support system as strong as your desires.

8. Delegate

Delegate task to yourself and others to expedite your growth track. We fail because we try to do it all on our own. Delegate tasks that you know how to do but won’t have time to do because we know our strengths and abilities. Just because we know how to do things does not mean that we are best suited to do them. When we have a goal in mind, time is money.

9. Time Blocking

Time blocking is essential to time management. Before you can block your time in the future, you must understand where your time has gone in the past. Conduct a time audit to account for your time. Take your time, reflect on every second of everyday to ensure that you are able to assign every minute of the day to increase your productivity!

Now create a time block for your week!

10. Activate

Start working on your new life. Goal setting, time blocking are all essential to a life of success, prosperity and abundance. You are important, your time is valuable. Be selfish with your time and energy. Protect your time and energy. Take care of you first.

Take action

Be unstoppable

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